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    Amorolfine is a broad-based antifungal agent with fungicidal effects against most fungi, dermatophytes and yeasts. and it's growing back fine. Eventually, the infection dies and the treatment continues to provide further protection from infections. Treatments put on the nail work best if the infection is at an early stage, just on the free edge of one or two nails, or lying close to the surface of the nail. Benefits Box Contents: - 1 Bottle (3ml) of Nail Lacquer with Applicator Cap - 30 Cleaning Swaps - 30 Nails Files - Product Information Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer is a treatment for fungal nail infections, helping to treat your infection and keeping it from spreading to your healthy nails. Medicated Nail Lacquer. This antifungal medicine kills fungi and yeasts by interfering with their cell membranes. 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer . Curanail 5% w/v medicated nail lacquer contains amorolfine which penetrates the nail, kills the fungus and prevents further infection spreading. Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer is a treatment to help treat fungal nail infections and is available to buy from The Independent Pharmacy following a free online consultation. ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification) D01AE16. Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains  Amorolfine 5% medicated nail lacquer (A A H Pharmaceuticals Ltd) Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% medicated nail lacquer (The Boots  How effective is Curanail? Amorolfine nail lacquer is an effective treatment that has been shown to clear 85% of fungal infections of the fingernails and 76% of  Boots Fungal Nail Treatment drug information: uses, indications, side effects, dosage. Precautions when using Curanail Nail Nacquer 3ml and how to store Amorolfine 5% Nail Lacquer should not be applied on the skin around the nail. Using an oral anti-fungal Dr. Free shipping. Amorolfine . Amorolfine 5% is an antifungal for local use. Each pack contains 3ml of nail lacquer together with re-usable applicators (files are no longer incuded in each box). Curanail is for the treatment of mild fungal infections in up to two finger nails or toe nails. 1. This particular group of drugs work by killing an extensive variety of fungi that can cause nail infections. Gallery; Related Tips; Cusco Peru As well as giving your nails an extra coat of shine, this nail lacquer contains anti fungal treatment. 74 mg amorolfine hydrochloride (equivalent to 50 mg amorolfine). By Julie Giusti WHY WE LIKE I To All A Good Night Nail Lacquer + To All A Good Night Nail Lacquer OPI Nail Lacquer Nail Polish + Whether you like emerald greens, sea greens, or forest greens, want to bright up your day with yellow or enjoy a peachy manicure, OPI has got you covered with the Nail Lacquer Nail Polish, Oranges/Yellows/Gree The FDA backs Ciclopirox topical solution. This allows essential Boots once weekly fungal nail treatment. Compare Nail; Lacquer; Amorolfine Hydrochloride 6. Tips & Advice. Amorolfine nail lacquer should be one of them: it’s an effective fungal infection treatment, and Amorolfine reviews from users are extremely positive. Amorolfine Scheme. Name of the medicinal product Amorolfine 5% w/v Medicated nail lacquer Boots Fungal Nail Once Weekly Treatment Curanail 5% Nail Lacquer treats fungal infections affecting up to 2 nails and affecting the upper half or sides of the nail Contains Amorolfine kills a wide variety of fungi that can cause nail infections. Curanail is applied directly to the nail, killing the fungi that cause nail infections. For the full list of excipients, see section 6. 5 out of 5 stars 9,752 £3. In clinical trials, application of amorolfine 5% nail lacquer once or twice weekly for up to 6 months produced mycological and clinical cure in approximately 40 to 55% of patients with mild onychomycosis 3 months after cessation of Cosmetic nail lacquer may be applied at least 10 min after amorolfine 5% nail lacquer application. Name, Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% medicated nail lacquer. Medical strength nail gels   It is a nail lacquer which you paint onto the toenail as you would paint on nail varnish. First remove any previous nail lacquer with a cleaning pad provided in the pack and then gently file the affected nail with a nail file. Once Weekly Treatment for Mild Fungal Nail Infections. Explore our range of toenail fungus & ingrown toenail products including creams & treatments. PACKAGE LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER . SUBSCRIBE. Amorolfine is the generic prescription equivalent to branded Loceryl & over-the counter Curanail. The active ingredient amorolfine penetrates the cell membrane and weakens it. This medicine is available without prescription. 49 Loceryl Amorolfine 5% Lacquer 2. 74 mg/ml Amorolfine Hydrochloride). Loceryl nail lacquers s nail fungus dermatologist in savannah evidence based podiatry Amorolfine 5 Cated Nail Lacquer Boots. 95 May 11, 2020 · Toenail Fungus Nail Polish Amorolfine Sudden Brown Fungus On Skin. Loceryl Curanail 5ml is used to treat mild to moderate infections of the nails. Curanail 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer . Amorolfine. Amorolfine Loceryl Nail Lacquer And Cream img. 35 Offer valid for delivery from 04/02/2021 until 03/03/2021 Description. Generic Name: ciclopirox topical (sye kloe PEER ox TOP i kal)Brand Name: Ciclodan, Ciclodan Kit, CNL8 Nail, Loprox Fungal nail infections tend to cause visual damage to the nails and if left untreated, can lead to loss of the nail. Loceryl Amorolfine 5% Lacquer is made by a reputable brand Galderma Pharma. Amorolfine maintains clinical efficacy in the nail for 14 days after treatment; however, twice-weekly application results in better outcomes compared with once-weekly application (71% versus 76% mycological cure),. Loceryl curanail nail lacquer contains the active ingredient amorolfine. To ensure you are using the right amount of product, do not wipe the lacquer against the bottleneck as you draw it out. 2 out of 5 stars from 23 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview. Loceryl Curanail 5% Nail Lacquer Amorolfine Treatment Details about NEW LOCERYL 5% MEDICATED NAIL LACQUER NAIL FUNGUS TREATMENT 2. Leave the lacquer to dry for 3-5 minutes. For the effective treatment of mild fungal nail infections See details below, always read the label Suitable for: over 18's Active Ingredients: Amorolfine Please choose a colour or size before adding this product to your favourites. It is used to treat fungal infections of the nails. The film contains a high concentration of amorolfine and forms a depot from which the drug is delivered and which allows the drug to permeate the nail plate. Amorolfine nail lacquer can be sold to the public if supplied for the treatment of mild cases of distal and lateral subungual onychomycoses caused by dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds; subject to treatment of max. It is applied like a simple nail lacquer and works to clear up fungal nail infections until a healthy nail has grown back. essie Original Shine & Gloss Nail Varnish, Streak Free Application, Nail Enamel 1 Blanc White Nail Polish French Manicure 13. Curanail (Amorolfine) Nail Lacquer Curanail is an antifungal nail lacquer used to treat fungal nail infections. Nov 14, 2019 · The leaflet will give you more information about amorolfine and how to apply the nail lacquer. Marketed as Curanail, Loceryl, Locetar, and Odenil, amorolfine is commonly available in the form of a nail lacquer, containing 5% amorolfine hydrochloride as the active ingredient. server1; uid: null; tst: Sat Feb 20 19:02:58 GMT 2021 Nail fungus causes changes to the infected nails. In one clinical study, patients being treated for a large number of infected nails tended to have measurable levels of amorolfine between 0. Fungal nail is surprisingly common, it is an invasion of fungal species underneath or into the nail. Request Information. 99 The nail lacquer should be applied to the affected finger or toe nails once weekly. 5 ml bottle Amorolfine. 20 Nov 2018 Amorolfine. GuardianPharmacy. Boots launch hydrating skincare box worth £76 but yours for £30 then the use of a topical nail lacquer may help to prevent the Curnail contains Amorolfine to kill the fungus and Shop GuardianPharmacy online. 95 $ 3. Apply Nailner Brush treatment (transparent liquid) to the entire surface of the  LOCERYL contains the active ingredient amorolfine. Before repeat application of Curanail 5% nail lacquer, any remaining nail lacquer, and cosmetic nail lacquer if any, should be removed carefully, then the affected nails should be filed down again as required, and at any rate be cleansed with an 5. This is why Protectair is the best fungal nail treatment in Europe. What are the symptoms of a fungal nail infection? PACKAGE LEAFLET: INFORMATION FOR THE USER. 4 out of 5 stars 1,415. Works underneath nail varnish with just one application a week. 5ml Nail Galderma. It can be used to treat up to 2 nails at a time and is perfect for infections that affect the upper half or sides of your nail. LOCERYL-PRO Curanail GALDERMA AMOROLFINE 5% 2. It is used in adults to treat nail infections caused by microscopic fungi (dermatophytes in particular). You may see white spots or a change in the nail’s color. Loceryl 0. $12. 5 ML. Buy more and save! Amorolfine is a structurally unique, topically active antifungal agent, which possesses both fungistatic and fungicidal activity in vitro. How can you find out what has caused your toe nail AMOROLFINE EG LABO 5% Nail varnish Mycose. A top-selling brand am This muted Orly polish has just enough mauve to break out of the nude-beige box. It is applied once per   20 May 2019 Now that the temperature is warming up, it is time to shed our socks and boots, don our sandals psoriasis; over-use of nail varnish, and the dreaded fungal infection. 2015/830 and US OSHA HCS 2015 (rubber boots, safety Nail Polish Wraps - Nail Wraps - Nail Strips - Nail stickers - transparent , black nails, criss cross, minimalist, modern nailsEH Sale Price $3. 95 shipping. I at the moment - stick a false nail on it (it;s grown about 1/2 way atm) in the same nail polish as my others and you literally can't tell As I said - probably better to just paint them over for summer and start this in Autumn. 5ml Nail Fungus Imported from France. Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer contains 50 mg/ml of the active substance Amorolfine (equivalent to 55. By Lindsay Colameo W This cheery mint nail polish has "summer pedicure" written all over it. It’s easy to get a fungal nail infection. Toenail Fungus Newest Medication Any Sprays That Kill Toenail Fungus Disinfect Shower Floor Athletes Foot Fungus. It is in the form of nail varnish allowing the diffusion of the active substance through the nail. Amorolfine works by causing holes to appear Apr 10, 2019 · Amorolfine 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer is a topical antimycotic. LOCERYL-PRO (Curanail) is a medicine intended for the treatment of nail fungus (onychomycosis) affecting a maximum of 2 nails in adults and limited to the upper part of the nail. The recommended dose of Amorolfine is to apply it to the infected nail once a week. It is the generic equivalent to Loceryl or Curanail. Description   For more information about this treatment what it is and how it works, visit our about Amorolfine page. 23 sold. This effective fungal nail treatment was previously only available on prescription, but in 2006 it was decided that consumers could buy Curanail without one. 4. Amorolfine 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer. Works underneath your nail varnish with just one application a week. The only topical nail lacquer available in the UK for over-the-counter (OTC) purchase is amorolfine. Amorolfine is a broad spectrum antimycotic. 99, boots. This antifungal Amorolfine works by causing holes to appear in the nail cell membranes. or Best Offer. A 5% solution combination with fluconazole is effective on sensitive fungus in fingernail onychomycosis. Click to expand - - on my big toe I literally ended up with about 5mm of nail!! BUT it got it. Loceryl (Skin Irritation Care Product): 2. 99 - £19. Loceryl curanai 22 Oct 2020 GP may ask patients to buy amorolfine nail lacquer over the counter, Boots Fungal Nail Treatment pen and Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment  17 Sep 2020 Curanail is a nail lacquer, which means it functions essentially the same as a nail Importantly, however, Curanail contains 50 mg/ml of amorolfine. 4% (Galderma). Don't buy nail lacquer before reading these reviews. Curanail 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer. The other ingredients are Eudragit RL 100 (ammonio methacrylate copolymer A), triacetin, butyl acetate, ethyl acetate and ethanol (anhydrous). Half way through the antibiotics, I started getting signs of a yeast infection-itching, redness, professionals 1. Treatment with amorolfine antifungal nail lacquer antifungal  Before each application remove nail varnish from the nails that need to be treated . To revisit this article, select My⁠ ⁠Account, then View saved stories. Amorolfine dosage. Add Scholl Ingrown Nail Kit Add add Scholl Ingrown Nail Kit to basket This product is only available for delivery between 04/02/2021 and 21/02/2021. Apply this product to clean, dry, and unvarnished nails. Should I Apply Lotion To A Skin Fungus Lemon Juice Cures Toe Nail Fungus. -based company said that the final approval is subject Snowfalling For You Nail Lacquer + Snowfalling For You Nail Lacquer Physician reviewed Penlac Nail Lacquer patient information - includes Penlac Nail Lacquer description, dosage and directions. The Allegan, Mich. 5 X Amorolfine 2. Loceryl nail lacquer contains the active ingredient amorolfine. It is licensed for mild (not more than two nails affected) DLSO and patients aged 18 years or over. Rec. Allow to dry. Let the treated nail(s) dry for approximately 3 minutes; Wait at least 10 minutes before applying Amorolfine nail lacquer builds a non‐water‐soluble film on the nail plate, and this film remains in place for 1 week. Its fungicidal action is based on an alteration of the fungal cell membrane targeted primarily on sterol biosynthesis. Other signs include debris under the nail and thickening nails. It comes in the form of a nail polish and is available without a prescription in pharmacies. 5 out of 5 stars 70 $19. This prevents re-infection, shortens treatment time and supports nail recovery. It is licensed for mild (  3 Feb 2015 Amorolfine 5% and ciclopirox 8% nail lacquers are commonly used in topical treatment of onychomycosis. 84. Each bottle contains 3ml of medicated lacquer, and the lid contains a handy brush which can be used to apply the lacquer to affected finger or toe nails. Amorolfine (hydrochloride) SAFETY DATA SHEET according to Regulation (EC) No. Read 175 of our independent customer reviews for Amorolfine Medicated Nail Lacquer 5% below or visit Feefo, Trustpilot and Google directly to see all our reviews. 3mg/ml Eye Drops; Biquelle ® (Quetiapine) XL Tablets; Bortezomib Powder for Solution for Injection Loceryl Nail Lacquer Information: Loceryl (generic name: Amorolfine 5%) is used to treat fungal infections that reside within your nails, and it contains the key ingredient of amorolfine, which is a part of the group of medications, known as antifungals. By Stephanie Our team of experts has selected the best nail lacquers out of hundreds of models. 5% Gel Amorolfine hydrochloride is a potential for treating onychomycosis infected nails by topical application. Curanail nail lacquer contains amorolfine and is designed to treat up to two infected nails. Containing the active ingredient amorolfine, Loceryl Curanail 5ml belongs to a group of medicines called anti-fungal drugs. Curanail contains the active ingredient Amorolfine, which is a strong anti-fungal which kills fungal infections. Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer. amorolfine 5 nail lacquer Nail Lacquer is used to treat fungal infections affecting the upper half or sides of the nail in up to two nails. Reduced to Clear Was £13. Amorolfine Nail Lacquer; Aripiprazole Tablets; Aspire Allergy Relief 2% ED 10ml; Aspire Hayfever Relief 2% w/v Eye Drops; Atomoxetine Capsules x 28; Azithromycin Tablets; Betadine Dry Powder Spray; Bimatoprost 0. 1 ml contains 55. 5ml solution is the No. Trosyl Nail Solution is a topical liquid preparation. Amorolfine works by causing holes At Pharmica, we aspire to provide exceptional patient care and take great pride in our customer reviews. Apply the nail lacquer evenly over the entire surface of the nail; Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each affected nail; Step 5. Loceryl Nail Lacquer (Amorolfine) - Arrowmeds img. 5 ml bottle . We will pass your details to a third party to run a check  When the fungus spreads to the keratin of the nails, the result is a fungal nail The treatments used most often are amorolfine nail lacquer and tioconazole nail   5 Oct 2020 Topical treatments like antifungal creams and medicated nail lacquers are among the most effective treatment options for toenail fungus. Curanail 5%. 90. au. It is clinically proven to clear up to 85% of fungal fingernail infections and 75% of toenail infections within six months. 3 PHARMACEUTICAL FORM. 1 and 0. Once the fungus has been eliminated your nails will probably remain yellow until the healthy enamel replaces what has been damaged. 1 nanogram/mL). 1 Anti-Fungal nail and finger treatment worldwide, well-known finger and toenail fungus killer. Using the supplied brush, the solution is thinly applied to the entire affected nail and the skin around the nail every 12 hours. 5ML FREE SHIPPING Loceryl 50 mg 5% Esmalte 2,5ml If you wish to apply nail varnish, wait 10 minutes after application before you do this. These formulations may be used  6 days ago Virtual Medicinal Product, Amorolfine 5% medicated nail lacquer. Read all of this leaflet carefully because it contains important information for you. Find a look worth that little extra? Make sure to prep your nails so it lasts! The experts at Japonesque have some pro tips and tricks to make your manicure last l This baby pink Victoria's Secret polish is sheer, tinged with pink, and void of shimmer. 50. AMOROLFINE 5% nail lacquer is used to treat fungal infections affecting fingernails and toenails. How to use Trosyl Nail Solution. Amorolfine 5% medicated nail lacquer (Zentiva) Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% medicated nail lacquer (The Boots Company Plc) Loceryl 5% medicated nail lacquer (Galderma (UK) Ltd) Loceryl Curanail 5% medicated nail lacquer (Galderma (UK) Ltd) At Galderma, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. 5 nanogram/mL whereas other patients had levels below the level of quantification (0. Nov 21, 2019 · Amorolfine for fungal nail infections (Loceryl, Curanail, Omicur) So this all started about two months when I got a UTI, and I was prescribed ten days of antibiotics. Description of Amorolfine 5% Biogaran Nail Polish 2. LOCERYL belongs to a family of medicines called anti- fungal  Ce boots à la ligne effilée avec bout amande vous assure beaucoup d'élégance. Nothing can be more satisfying than an Instagram scroll for mani-gram inspo. The preparations used most often are amorolfine nail lacquer and tioconazole nail solution. Sterile cotton buds should be used to apply the lacquer to avoid contamination. Reading customer reviews from real users will help you to decide whether this is the right treatment choice for you. 75 Now £9. Perrigo (PRGO) - Get Report got tentative Food and Drug Administration clearance for its antifungal nail lacquer Ciclopirox. 5ml Nail Lacquer & 5 Curanail Nail Lacquer contains an antifungal ingredient called amorolfine, which targets and kills the fungi that can cause nail infections. cid: WC_pusyd01sigwclapp02_node. From ground-breaking research, to smart delivery and package design, new models for collaborating, internet-based solutions to skin health needs and beyond. If you have a fungal infection on your foot, the fungus can spread to one or more of your nails. It is sold online in a 5ml pack (with a free private prescription) - saving you money on your fungal nail treatment. They need to rough up the top of the nail with the file and apply it at least once per week. Amorolfine from nail lacquer penetrates and diffuses through the nail plate. Cette chaussure possède la technologie brevetée Bocage Innovation, ainsi votre  . Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer is used to treat fungal infections affecting up to 2 nails and affecting the upper half or sides of the nail (as shown in the first picture below). anti-fungal nail treatment. They advertise stock at Boots, Superdrug, Lloyd's, and Well Ph 30 Sep 2015 Step away from the strengthening nail varnish aisle, we've found a topical gel that REALLY works Loceryl Nail Gel, £13. 1%/2. What is Curanail Loceryl Nail Lacquer? Curanail (also known as Loceryl) is used for the treatment of fungal infections in finger and toe nails. Buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 price on selected Superdrug…Buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 price on selected Superdrug Foot Care The lacquer must not be wiped off on the edge of the bottle before it is applied; Step 4. 1907/2006 as amended by (EC) No. Jun 09, 2010 · Amorolfine 5% nail lacquer offers a simple and convenient treatment option, which may result in improved patient adherence and consequently lead to improved efficacy and patient satisfaction. Is This Product Right for Me? Scholl Fungal Nail 2 in 1 treatment is suitable for treating mild fungal nail conditions. A typical course of treatment will last approximately 3 months. £19. Its spectrum of in vitro activity includes dermatophyte, dimorphic, some dematiaceous and filamentous fungi, and some yeasts. A fungal nail infection is likely to result in discoloured (white, yellow or brown), thick or brittle nails, although their appearance can vary considerably Consult your doctor if the nail is more severely infected ProtectAir is a new and effective fungal nail treatment that protects nails and shoes against fungal infections. $18. Using the applicator provided, coat the infected nail with lacquer, making sure that you apply it to the whole of the nail. 25% Crema 20 Gr. However, you still need to use Curanail carefully to get the best The Active substance in Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer is amorolfine (as the hydrochloride) which belongs to a group of medicines known as antifungals. Aug 16, 2017 · “Amorolfine nail lacquer, ciclopirox and tioconazole nail solution are the popular treatments, however alone, they may not be able to clear the deeper infected areas. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. 15 products You have one or more age-restricted products in your basket so we need to validate your age. Note that the solution will not completely dry and leaves a clear oily coating. It is used to treat onychomycosis (fungal infection of the toe- and fingernails). Long wear, exciting colors, and good value earn OPI nail lacquers our high marks. Nail varnish may be applied after 10 minutes Always use this medicine exactly as described in the leaflet provided. Overview: Nail fungus. com. Medicine Name Curanail 5% w/v Medicated Nail Lacquer : Active Ingredients Amorolfine Hydrochloride : Medicine Name Differin Cream 0. Galderma. This causes the main components of the infection to leave the cell. Amorolfine 5% Medicated Nail Fungal Lacquer 3ml Amorolfine for the effective treatment of mild fungal nail infection. INN. Curanail contains the active ingredient Amorolfine which is a powerful anti-fungal. Allow the solution to dry for about 10 to 15 minutes. $21. Will Matrix Under Toenail Fungus Repair Herbs For Curing Toenail Fungus. Loceryl Curanail - Boots. Loceryl fungal nail lacquer is specially formulated to treat fungal nail infections. 5 ml 4. Using advice from Amorolfine 5% Biogaran Nail Polish 2. CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service) 0078613-35-1 Amorolfine Loceryl Nail Lacquer 2. 92 Amazon's Choice for "amorolfine nail lacquer" Curanail Once Weekly 5% Fungal Nail Treatment 3ml. Amorolfine 5% nail lacquer in once-weekly or twice-weekly applications has been Based on our happy customers' stories, EMUAIDMAX ® has been used to help with many severe skin symptoms and conditions, such as severe cold sores, psoriasis, and nail fungus. 2 nails, max. 5X Amorolfine Nail Lacquer Galderma 2. 1mg/ml Eye Drops; Bimatoprost 0. Only 1 left! Amorolfine Loceryl Nail Lacquer 2. $92. Compliance is essential; pharmacists should encourage patients to continue the treatment, given the prolonged treatment duration of 6–12 months. 1% w/w : Active Ingredients Adapalene : Medicine Name Differin Gel : Active Ingredients Adapalene : Medicine Name Efracea capsules : Active Ingredients Doxycycline monohydrate : Medicine Name Epiduo 0. The fungi are passed from person to person by direct contact and are carried by carpets, socks, shoes and hosiery. Amorolfine 5% w/v Medicated nail lacquer should be applied to the affected finger or toe nails Boots Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Medicated Nail Sep 17, 2020 · The amorolfine, an active antifungal agent, will kill the fungus growing in your nail. The patient should apply the nail lacquer as follows; Before the first application of Schollmed once weekly fungal nail treatment 5%w/v medicated nail lacquer, it is essential that the affected areas of nail (particularly the nail surfaces) should be filed down Oct 02, 2017 · Based on what I've read and personal clinical experience Amorolfine nail lacquer (such as Loceryl but you can sometimes get it as a generic lacquer for a lower cost) can be reasonably effective if the patient is really religious about applying it. What is Curanail used for? Curanail is used to treat fungal infections, specifically of your nails (you should use other products for different fungal infections like jock itch or athlete’s foot). Used weekly, Curanail 5% medicated nail lacquer, will treat fungal infections affecting the upper half or sides of the nail in up to two nails, by penetrating the nail and breaking the structure of the fungal cells. Luke Finger Nail And Toe Nail Fungus Treatment Extra Strength, Fungal Nail Renewal, Fungus Nail Treatment, Fungi Nail Repair For Nail antifungal 4. The ergosterol content is reduced, and at the same time unusual sterically nonplanar sterols accumulate. Collect 4 Advantage Card Points for every pound you spend. EMUAIDMAX ® ointment helps eliminate irritation and also helps calms inflammation on your distressed skin with its strong antibacterial and antifungal agents. Apply the lacquer. Amorolfine is a broad-spectrum synthetic fungicidal with high activity against dermatophytes, as well as other fungi, yeasts and moulds. 2 QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION. Curanail contains the active ingredient amorolfine. strength of nail lacquer amorolfine 5% and a pack size of 3 mL.